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AWOLAbsent Without Leave
AWOLA Way of Life
AWOLAll Walks of Life
AWOLAbsent Without Official Leave
AWOLAlcohol Without Liquid
AWOLAway Without Leave
AWOLAbsence Without Official Leave
AWOLActing Workshop On-Line
AWOLAway Without Official Leave
AWOLAbsent Without Authorized Leave
AWOLAnother Way of Living
AWOLAbsent While On Line :-)
AWOLA World of Learning (educational program; various locations)
AWOLAt Work Oldies Listener
AWOLArgumentative While On Lead
AWOLAutoWeek OnLine
AWOLAmerican Way of Life
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Financial problems, fear of being deployed and homesickness are also reasons that contribute to going AWOL, Middleton said.
Swift isn't the only Fort Lewis soldier to go AWOL.
Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano has said he wants the AWOL machine prohibited for fear it will attract underage drinkers, and State Sen.
The moD said at least 10 men were kicked out - four for violent or sexual offences, three for going AWOL, one for drugs, one for theft and one classed as "other".
With a House vote of 90-1 to ban AWOL machines, HB 202 will now be sent to Governor Steve Beshear for his approval.
At present desertion carries a life sentence compared to two years for going AWOL.
Here for keeps: AWOL French stopper Jean Francois Lescinel is fully focussed now on buckling down at Bairns to earn a new deal for next season
As for McQueen, who would later become famous in classics like ``The Great Escape'' and ``Bullit,'' making his home between Brentwood and Palm Springs, his AWOL incident was just a part of his Marine Corps picture.
He went AWOL from the 7th Parachute Regiment when he was refused permission to turn pro.
The Ministry of Defence denied the pressures of fighting were to blame for the AWOL figures.
HUNDREDS of troops who have gone AWOL in the past nine years are still missing.