AWPSArmy Workload and Performance System
AWPSArtistic Wedding Photographer Society
AWPSAmerican Welara Pony Society
AWPSAdvanced Worker Protection System
AWPSAutomated Workforce Projection System (USPS)
AWPSAge Weighted Profit Sharing (DC pension plan)
AWPSAnthony Wade Photo Services (UK)
AWPSAllocated Windows Planning System
AWPSAirborne Waveguide Pressurization System
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A Welsh Government spokeswoman said: "The AWPS gives us important information about what health services can do to reduce the risk of stillbirth, and we already know smoking during pregnancy and maternal obesity are avoidable risk factors, and being addressed via the maternity strategy.
Family history and a whole range of other clinical details are part of the clinical review of every stillbirth undertaken by AWPS, and we want that data gathering to continue to be as comprehensive as possible to increase our knowledge about avoidable factors.
The origins of AWPS can be traced to the Army's problems in balancing employment levels, missions, and workloads within budget restrictions and personnel ceilings.
The upgraded AWPS capitalizes on LMP's improved business processes and modern systems architecture.
The AWPS DCIP project is sponsored by the Office of the Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army for Business Transformation (SASA-BT), which has worked extensively with NSLCPAC in the development and fielding of a total Army maintenance workload visibility and management program.
The AWPS allows users of an AirStation wireless LAN to "cut the chains" and remove the wired connection between the network printer and its existing print server.