AWRIAustralian Wine Research Institute
AWRIAnnis Water Resources Institute (Muskegon, MI)
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The bottle stains are different from the sediment crystals that form in older reds, notes AWRI biochemist Elizabeth J.
Because several countries refuse to import wine with visible deposits, and because even cosmetic defects make many consumers wary, AWRI has launched a campaign to stamp out the stain.
The AWRI and USW are evaluating a possible affiliation, which would join the two unions.
Earlier this week, Mercier reported that, after 18 months of testing, the AWRI results were excellent on all enological and organoleptic parameters, and the new Diamond closures obtained even better results than the screw cap (used as the "control") in terms of Free and Total SO2, and in terms of descriptors linked to wine reduction.
As part of a new and independent study, the AWRI, a world leader in wine closure studies, began testing Sabate's new closures in October 2002 along with a range of other closures and closure types.