AWSDAffordable Web Space Design
AWSDAdvanced Web Source Development
AWSDAuburn-Washburn School District (Topeka, KS)
AWSDAtlantic White Sided Dolphin
AWSDAIDS Walk San Diego (San Diego, CA)
AWSDAtomiswave Sit Down (Japanese arcade machine)
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Unwilling or unable to collaborate with external researchers interested in working on the topic and further elaborating the AWSD database, Insecurity Insight, a competing independent research group, was created.
While the AWSD reports remained relatively general, the SiND analyzed, for example, the role that gender played in incident patterns.
After months of legal consultation to properly interpret the law and ensure compliance, and after considering a number of options, in March of this year AWSD chose the View-Wise Enterprise Document Management System from Novell partner Computhink, which includes an e-mail archiving module.