AWSMAssociation for Women in Sports Media (Harrisburg, PA)
AWSMArctic Warfare Super Magnum (sniper rifle)
AWSMAcoustic Warfare Support Measure
AWSMAge of Wonders Shadow Magic (computer game)
AWSMAotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (New Zealand anarchist organisation)
AWSMAuthentic Wines and Spirits Merchants (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
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Three interviews were conducted at the AWSM convention, and one was conducted in a private office at the participant's work site.
The interviewer had gained credibility in AWSM as an advocate-researcher who was regularly shared scholarship about women in the field at annual conferences.
In 1993, the reporter made a rare public appearance at an AWSM convention.
He was one of nine male sports editors to contribute $100 each to help jump-start AWSM in 1987, when he was with the Boston Globe
A few years ago, AWSM put the number of women working in some phase of sports journalism at about 500.
Flight Safety Technologies plans to show a "canned emulation" of AWSM next month, based on aircraft arrival data recorded in earlier tests including SOCRATES[R] and LIDAR sensors.
The Company is currently pursuing four technologies including AWSM, described above, SOCRATES[R], UNICORN[TM] and TIICM[TM].
Airports including Anchorage, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Miami and Memphis to explore "beta site" installations of the Company's AWSM technology.
AWSM, an acronym for Aircraft Wake Safety Management System, is a technology the Company is pursuing as an outgrowth of its SOCRATES[R] Aircraft Wake Vortex Sensor technology.
Additionally, Emirates Airlines in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has expressed interest in exploring a beta site AWSM installation.
AWSM Technology cited usability as a key reason for selecting Entellium.
Entellium was the only provider that gave our sales, service and marketing employees a view of customer data that is relevant to their job function," said Matt O'Brien, president and CEO of AWSM Technology.