AWTPAdvanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (various locations)
AWTPArea Wide Transportation Plan (Juneau, AK)
AWTPAutomated Weapon Target Planning
AWTPAsh Water Treatment Plant
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In Dhahran now, 100% of wastewater is treated to a tertiary level and is suitable for irrigation; the effluent pumped out of the NSTP and treated at the secondary level is pumped to the AWTP and treated at the tertiary level.
What is left to be done is to examine whether there is a statistically significant negative correlation between AWTP and CHEESE.
Pepco Energy Services will design and build the CHP project for $81 million, and it will be the first in North America to use biogas from an AWTP facility.
This is an extremely efficient way to produce energy and we are excited to be a part of DC Water's ground breaking AWTP project.
AWTP is composed of three divisions: Transportation Products, Commercial Vehicle Wheels, and Automotive Wheels.
The project comprises electrical demolition, removal and replacement of the existing AWTP Digestion Control Building A Motor Control Center MCC-62, a control cabinet, gas detector, and magnetic flow meter with all associated work required for a complete project in accordance with the Contract Documents.
Curren AWTP Large Motor Softstart Additions, Phase II Sheltered Market