AWTTEArab World Travel and Tourism Exchange
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Our participation at AWTTE is to strengthen our presence and to support Rotana's expansion plans reaching a portfolio of 65 properties by 2012.
Raouf Abu Zaki, chairman of Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group, said that AWTTE "is meant to assert Lebanon's future in tourism and confidence in the Lebanese economy's ability to adapt to shocks.
Tour operators, many from Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, Jordan, Turkey and Syria, will be exhibiting at AWTTE either with their national pavilions or on their own including World of Hospitality, Saad Tours, Barakat Travel, Concord Travel, Aeolos Travel, Amphitrion Holidays, Korona Travel, Louis Tourist Agency, Astro Travel and Timmy Travel.
The comeback of Lebanon's tourism season brings a lot of hope to the country and to AWTTE (Arab World Travel & Trade Exhibition) according to its project manager, Maya Shehayeb, who is organising this year's exhibition at the Beirut International Exhibition and Leisure Center (BIEL).