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AWUAustralian Workers Union
AWUAssociated Western Universities, Inc.
AWUAntigua Workers Union
AWUAnimal Welfare Unit
AWUAutomatic Wake Up
AWUAtomic Weight Unit
AWUAntigua and Barbuda Workers' Union
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There had been some unease from employers about the initial amalgamation with the Australian Workers' Union (AWU), though this could be at least partly overlooked on the basis that the AWU had long standing coverage of retail employees in northern Queensland.
24 But Edna had to tread carefully with the AWU because they had agreed to take responsibility for the WTUC's printing and publicity.
AWU would be honored to assist with any of your Internet Marketing needs.
The AWU is supportive of the continued expansion of highly polluting industries, the AMWU and ACTU see green jobs as a growth and industrial renewal opportunity, while the CFMEU deviates between supporting green jobs and the expansion of polluting industries.
AWU members at Victoria's $5 billion-plus desalination plant went on strike for two days in November because of the alleged privacy breaches.
The first one is the amount of land per AWU with larger scores being an indicator of less intensive agriculture.
The AWU is one union which is deeply fearful about the impact of environ mental policy on its members.
72) As Mervyn Rutherford, an industrial officer for the AWU in early October 1971, noted, the "accident pay issue had caught both the imagination and to some extent the ire of the union's members.
Meanwhile, AWU Secretariat said in a report that Arab peoples were keen on
In the HISC Program, it seems that while the AWU was initially willing to undertake seminars and educational visits, due to a misunderstanding about the availability of funding it did not ultimately undertake these activities.
AWU national secretary Paul Howes has publicly supported nuclear energy.
Faced with extraordinarily long hours, the small number of professional firefighters in Brisbane had joined the AWU in 1917.