AWWUAnchorage Water and Wastewater Utility
AWWUAverage Winter Water Use
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After using supervisor reports on large format monitors, Curtis Hupton, AWWU Information Technology, System Analyst, contacted SJS to ask if they had a low cost product that would allow its Customer Service Division more flexibility.
Although purchased directly from AWWU, the water has never been near a tap.
As AWWU moves into 1999, it's Year 2000 program is on track and ahead of schedule.
Progressive utilities like AWWU recognize that yesterday's standalone CIS is not adequate to meet the demands of today's technology-savvy customer," said Indus Executive Vice President of Field Operations John Gregg.
The ATERAS solution ensures that AWWU completes the migration, conversion and implementation of the legacy Special Assessment Receivables System (SARS) from a CICS VSAM IBM 370 mainframe application to a Microsoft C# ASPX.
AWWU owns and operates a gravity-fed water system with deep aquifer wells and six large reservoirs, drawing from two surface water sources, and 17 deep-water wells.
AWWU has over 52,000 water customer accounts which equates to an approximate population base of 216,800 residents.
AWWU chose the Indus solution in a highly competitive bid over offerings from leading ERP vendors, such as PeopleSoft, to replace AWWU's antiquated mainframe-based CIS and billing system.
Work consists of providing sufficient personnel and resources as requested by the AWWU Engineering Division to assist AWWU with managing and administering various water, wastewater and facility improvement projects through the study, design and/or construction phases.
Thanks also to SPCA, Access Alaska, Midtown Community Council, REI, Wells Fargo, ML&P, AWWU, and all the individuals who generously gave of their time to promote this popular project.
AWWU would like make piping changes that allow removal of this booster
AWWU, Unocal, Flint Hills Resources Alaska, and more.