AWYAgree With You
AWYAlways With You
AWYAlliance for Wisconsin Youth (Madison, WI)
AWYAway with You
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In North America, the Alcatel 9500 MXC complements ongoing development of Alcatel's existing portfolio of wireless transmission solutions including the Alcatel 9400 AWY and the industry standard Alcatel MDR-8000.
Alcatel's MDR-8000, 9400 AWY and 9600 USY provide customers the widest array of capacities, covering licensed and unlicensed bands from 2 GHz to 40 GHz.
Alcatel, the world leader in point-to-point wireless transmission technology, will provide 40 Alcatel 9400 AWY microwave radios to replace and upgrade SkyRiver's existing unlicensed radios and to aggregate and backhaul wireless traffic in the SkyRiver Communications network.