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Small to medium-sized enterprises and government organizations that are currently evaluating Microsoft-based document imaging, workflow, COLD/ERM and message archiving product should investigate and evaluate Documentum AX5.
NET framework, Documentum AX5 offers simplified web deployment and advanced functionality for managing content such as invoices, statements, account records, customer and patient files and other business information.
Documentum AX5 delivers a revolutionary new technology for providing end- user access to relevant business documents from within existing applications.
Documentum AX5 enables partners to quickly deploy content management applications without programming or resource-intensive setup and configuration.
For geographically distributed organizations, Documentum AX5 enables Web- based remote scanning and distributed capture.
Documentum AX5 also integrates with business applications and supporting systems, such as ERP, accounting, and human resources systems - feeding documents directly into critical business processes.
The ideal 'electronic file cabinet' for today's business environments of all sizes, EMC Documentum AX5 presents a cost-effective, easy-to-use document, image and data repository that integrates effortlessly with today's leading business applications," said Rob Tarkoff, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for EMC Software Group.
Documentum AX5 complements IKON's focus on increasing overall operational efficiency for customers.
EMC Documentum AX5 functionality drives efficiencies and cost savings by providing impressive archiving and access capabilities to customers," Kohlsdorf added.