AXFAbout Extremely Fine (currency collecting)
AXFAfrican Xylophone Festival (New York; 2005-06)
AXFAsian Xiangqi Federation (board game group; est. 1978)
AXFArchive Exchange Format (computing)
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An IT-centric file container that can encapsulate any number and type of files in a fully self-contained and self-describing package, AXF supports interoperability among disparate content storage systems and ensures content's long-term availability, no matter how storage or file system technology evolves.
Now, by abstracting the underlying technology of digital storage, AXF not only supports interoperability among today's discrete storage systems regardless of the operating and file systems used, but also future-proofs digital storage so that content remains available despite changing formats and storage technologies.
Designed for operational storage, transport, and long-term preservation, AXF was formulated as a wrapper, or container, capable of holding virtually unlimited collections of files and metadata related to one another in any combination.
By automatically segmenting, storing on multiple media, and reassembling AXF Objects when necessary, "spanned sets" enable storage of AXF Objects on more than one medium.
The nature of AXF makes it possible for equipment manufacturers and content owners to move content from their current archive systems into the AXF domain in a strategic way that does not require content owners to abandon existing hardware unless or until they are ready to do so.
If you would like to receive a copy of the prospectus for AXF, please visit the American Stock Exchange website at http://www.
On a standalone basis, AXF has a strong position in the market for the sale of variable life and annuity products, a majority owned investment management affiliate with a strong market position of its own, Alliance Capital Management, L.
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Universal Translator - eliminates the need for users to purchase third-party data access tools by allowing bi-directional translation between MapInfo and other file formats, such as DWG, AXF, Shape, ArcGen and DGN.