AXRAbdominal X-Ray
AXRAbsolute Executive Recruitment (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
AXRArbitrary XML (Extensible Markup Language) Rendering (computer programming)
AXRAMREP (American Realty and Petroleum) Corporation (stock symbol)
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For the Zeus development, AXR plans to launch construction shortly.
AXR has two other projects in Bangalore under the banner of a group company, one of which is in Electronic City and the other on Outer Ring Road.
Dinesh Jain, Director of AXR Properties commented about the launch saying, “Imagine a world where the past meets the future in a harmony that can only be compared to the heavens.
AXR Properties, champions of a niche category that caters to the creme de la creme of each city, currently have a presence in Bangalore and the Middle East.
More than 1,800 acres of Carneros vineyards have been planted or replanted to rootstocks other than AXR since 1989; Two of the leading rootstocks are 5C, used on 1,025 acres and 3309C, used on 318 acres since 1989; Other rootstocks planted include 5BB, 110R, 101-14, 140R and 1103P, some of those in experimental lots only.
2) Although it performed better than St George in dry conditions, AXR 1 was not phylloxera-resistant.
George and AXR 1 were extremely fast-starting, vigorous stocks which nurseries were able to supply easily and with large, healthy wood.
Most growers figure that the AXR will die out naturally.
The AXR was cut out using a Saws-All electric saw hooked up to a portable 110 generator.