AXRAbdominal X-Ray
AXRAbsolute Executive Recruitment (Sydney, NSW, Australia)
AXRAMREP (American Realty and Petroleum) Corporation (stock symbol)
AXRArbitrary XML (Extensible Markup Language) Rendering (computer programming)
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The Bangalore residential market is recording a gradual increase in investor interest, and this directly feeds off the recovery in property values within the city in recent months," said Nimish Kamdar, managing director of AXR Properties.
For the Zeus development, AXR plans to launch construction shortly.
Dinesh Jain, Director of AXR Properties commented about the launch saying, “Imagine a world where the past meets the future in a harmony that can only be compared to the heavens.
AXR Properties, champions of a niche category that caters to the creme de la creme of each city, currently have a presence in Bangalore and the Middle East.