AXYAxis Airways (France)
AXYAtom Energy Limited (now Excelsior Gold, Ltd.; Australia)
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The company trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol AXY and OTC in the United States as MGMXF.
The March auction will also contain ALV 111N (reserve pounds 400), APE 9 (pounds 1900), B4 LLS (pounds 1,200), COR 55A (pounds 400), CUP 111D (pounds 500), ECO 555E (pounds 900), FLO 555Y (pounds 900), FUN 70Y (pounds 400), 13 GAV (pounds 1,900), GOA 11E (pounds 400), G411 AXY (pounds 350), HU57 LER (pounds 1,000), MAD 70Y (pounds 400), OLD 70M (pounds 400), OLD 800T (pounds 350), PAS 554T (pounds 350), RUG 13Y (pounds 400), TEA 880Y (pounds 500), 515 TER (pounds 1,900) and UGG 800T (pounds 300).