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AYAOAdolescent and Young Adult Oncology
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President GE-l met Ayao during his visit to Gabon while taking a stroll on the beach not far from the Gabonese president's beachfront housing complex, where he was staying as a guest of honor, and promised him the fishing boat engine.
In April 2012, Ayao asked a Turkish reporter visiting Gabon for a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to remind the Turkish president of his unfulfilled promise, saying he had not yet received the engine.
Ayao said the state needs to scrutinize its allocations and make cuts in programs where it would hurt people the least.
If you take the kids off the street, then you'll be getting rid of the crime problem,'' Ayao said.
No campaign report was available from Republican opponent Ely De La Cruz Ayao.
Ayao Tsuge, Technical Director and a member of the MHI Board of Directors.
In the Republican primaries, 39th District GOP candidate Ely De La Cruz Ayao was unopposed.
Ayao Tsuge, Managing Director and Representative Director, General Manager, Technical Headquarters, added, "This first business solution developed jointly by MHI and Xybernaut, is an excellent example of how we have worked together to develop the best-of-breed technology for the manufacturing, inspection and repair segments in industries of all kinds.
Ayao Tsuge, technical director and representative director of the MHI board of directors, stated, "The relationship between MHI and Xybernaut continues to grow.
Ayao Tsuge, Managing Director and Representative Director for MHI's Technical Headquarters (Tokyo, Japan), commented, "As a result of the technological and business exchanges with Xybernaut over the past two years, MHI has gained a strong appreciation for Xybernaut vision and business acumen.