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AYKArctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim Region (Alaska)
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Exvessel value of commercial fisheries in the AYK region increased with the development of chum, Oncorhynchus keta, and coho, O.
This paper presents commercial sales information for the AYK region.
Chum, chinook, and coho salmon predominate the commercial salmon fishery sales in the AYK region.
AYK coho salmon commercial sales have ranged from 124 000 fish in 1976 to 1.
Exvessel values (in thousands of dollars, unadjusted for inflation) of commercial salmon sales (fish in the round and roe combined) for all species combined, in the AYK region, by management area, 1976-97.
Total exvessel value of salmon commercial fishery sales in the AYK region grew from $4.
Detailed information on price per lb for salmon in the AYK region since 1976 is provided in Table 2.
Few income employment opportunities are available in many of the rural communities characteristic of the AYK region, and low annual per capita incomes are typical.
Average price per pound (in dollars, unadjusted for inflation) paid to fishers for commercial sales of salmon in the round (unless noted as roe) in the AYK region by management area and year, 1976-97.
Therefore, world salmon supply data were examined to provide insight into the changes described here for the AYK region of Alaska.
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