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Aym zamanda kadina dair yazdigi icbukey ve disbukey mesajiyla, kadina yuklenen anlamlarin cogullugunu vurgulamaktadir.
AYM believes that comprehensive sexuality education paves the way for young people to fully actualise SRHR.
America's CIA-sponsored AYM youth movements were behind the initial color revolutions.
Over the past several years, AYM has been helping train thousands of young activists from around the world to bring about Obama-style change and topple governments.
LOHMANN is represented in the Americas by a network of companies that are committed to our values and strategy In the US, All Printing Resources has been an authorized distributor for nearly 20 years; JV Imaging Solutions recently joined the US distribution network with a focus in the label/narrow web market; in Canada, Flex-olution has represented LOHMANN in Quebec and the maritime provinces for 18+ years; Ernest Green & Son represents LOHMANN in Ontario and the western provinces; in Mexico, Distribuidora Gra-fica Novaro has represented LOHMANN for 16+ years; LOHMANN is well represented in Latin America by Intermarket Corporation, Steelserv, Novaflex, SerBos and AyM Sumistros Graflcos.
Based on the short story Le passe-muraille by Marcel Aym, it transports audiences to Montmartre, Paris, in 1939.
But while I admire your spirit AYM, I'm not so sure about your sense of duty.
Tipik somurge siyaseti geregi "parcala ve hukmet" mantigiyla davranarak sadece ayri ayri diller icin degil, aym dilin jive ve lehceleri icin bile hususi alfabeler uydurulmustur.
Jones AYM, Hutchinson RC, Lin E, Oh TE (1992a) Peak expiratory flow rates produced with the Laerdal and Mapleson C circuits.
AYM is a charity which helps musically talented young people under 18 by making awards to them of up to pounds 2,000 a year.
For this reason, David Simpkins, a currency trader and division manager with AYM Financial in Philadelphia, keeps a watchful eye on the political stability of South Africa.