AYORAt Your Own Risk
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On a trip to Bor, the capital of Jonglei state, Sudan Tribune spoke to people who had survived the conflict, which saw the key town change hands four times since fighting began on December 15 Ayor Garang, 63, was admitted to Bor hospital for back pain in November 2013 but says he was forced to beg rebel soldiers not to kill him while they occupied the town over the last three weeks.
One young woman, Ayor Akech Kuai, told Sudan Tribune she has been shocked by the lack of engagements among young people.
Rachael Yar Ater, Rumbek East County Martha Atiriu Mamer, Rumbek North County Rebecca Michael, Wulu County Priscilla Ayor Paul, Yirol West Victoria Deng Monydit, Rumbek Centre Reserve: Tabith Akuoc, Rumbek East County Adak Dhieu, Rumbek East County Angelina Mario, Awerial County Adak Costa, Rumbek Centre County Agum Isaac, Rumbek Centre County Achuai Bol (ST)
A short by the students' midfielder Majok Ayuen was nearly saved by White Cock goalkeeper but referee John Ayor ruled in favor of John Garang team on ground that the keeper's feet crossed the line into the net.
Ayor is a housewife with her husband Malwal ( a private truck driver) are Dinkas from Yirol .
Bashir additionally made the following appointments to the Council of Abyei area: Alek Shol Manel, Ayor Malek Ajang, Ashai Deng Abem, Adol Kalot, Akwel Majak Kok, Umbadi Kabbashi, Akon Atak Gok Atem, Piol Menyang Anyok, Zakariya Atem Beyen, Yai Lamen Kuwal, Kuwal Agok Deng, Kabbashi Al-Toam Kabbashi, Makoy Angok gak, Majak Mates Agom, Mekki Heraizan Suleiman, Musa Bagadi Habib, Maria Ayok Guwen, Niyal Na Ajang Manel Ro, Shol Agok Ngor and Charles Abyei Dug.
His ceremony comes only a week after Nuneaton and edworth borough elcomed its first black ayor, Councillor Don avarro, after control of the orough council swung from onservative to Labour.
City showed why t h ey h av e a pounds 133million wage bill as they brought on Emmanu e l Ad e b ayor and Johnson.
He said it was the pressure from within and outside that led to his release, confirming that his Dinka clan youth group of Ayor Kuach in Warrap state's Gogrial West County demanded for his release by threatening their neighbouring president Kiir's clan of Awan Chan Nyal who share the locality with them in the state.