AYUSAAcademic Year in the USA (student exchange)
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Department of State has selected AYUSA International to administer the 2004 - 2005 Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange program.
CONTACT: Mari Marjamaa, CB/YX Coordinator of AYUSA International, 1-800-727-4540, ext.
CONTACT: Mari Marjamaa, Outbound Student Services of AYUSA International, +1-800-727-4540, ext.
There is no "typical" American host family and AYUSA welcomes all interested families, with or without children, from both urban and rural communities.
Welcoming an international high school student into your home is a transformative experience, for the student, the host family, and the community," said Sherry Carpenter, executive director of AYUSA.
Right now, AYUSA needs local families to share their home and everyday life with an AYUSA high school exchange student.
AYUSA students are a group of culturally diverse youth from over 60 countries.
Department of State and is administered through grants to non-profit partners, one of which is a consortium of organizations led by AYUSA Global Youth Exchange and includes Aspect, ASSE, CCI, CIEE, PIE and Youth For Understanding USA.
AYUSA also placed an exchange student in the home of a Coquille man who was convicted last June of third-degree sexual abuse for touching the 17-year-old girl's breast.
Interested families can learn more about hosting a YES student through AYUSA Global Youth Exchange by visiting http://www.
We're proud to have teamed up with AYUSA and iEARN to show the positive impact that cross-cultural exchange programs can have.
AYUSA International is a leading nonprofit youth exchange organization.