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They will write about their work in a book to be published by AYV partner What Kids Can Do.
In San Francisco, also working with What Kids Can Do, students at AYV site Build San Francisco Institute are examining the concept of globalization through a digital photograph and writing project.
Youth ages 13-19 are eligible to participate by teaming up with adult educators who are part of the AYV partner network or are registered with AYV Essentials, an online source for free curricula and tools to support the creation of digital content in an academic context.
Youth who submit entries for the eight standard content categories are eligible to win software, hardware, a trip to attend the 2013 AYV Summit in San Jose, Calif.
The AYV Aspire Awards competition is calling for entries produced by teens who demonstrate creativity and skill in using video, print and/or audio to convey a perspective on issues important to them.
As part of the 2012 AYV Aspire Awards, Adobe Foundation has invited MTV to present the MTV ACT award.
AYV participants walk in the footsteps of some of the world's best-known creative minds, using the same video, multimedia, digital art, Web, animation and audio tools.
The Foundation and the AYV program will enable under-privileged youth to learn new digital skills and, even more importantly, become more informed, engaged global citizens.