AZCAsielzoekers Centrum (Dutch: Applicants Center)
AZCAustin Zen Center (est.1995; Austin, TX)
AZCAnchorage Zen Community (Anchorage, AK)
AZCAmerican Zionist Council
AZCChief Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (Naval Rating)
AZCAlbuquerque Zen Center (Albuquerque, NM)
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In addition, AZC officials arranged speaking engagements for pro-Israeli figures throughout the country.
Written for the AZC, Marc Siegel's play, "A Message from Dimona" was described by The New York Times as a "story of a new city in the Israeli desert," suppressing the reactor's bomb-making purpose, Israel's open secret, well known, but not discussed.
1) of the product of polycondensation between BPT and AZC (Run-5), the absorptions based on the thiol group (2550 [cm.
For papermakers seeking to increase recycled content, or utilize lower grades of recycled paper, AZC has also shown to be beneficial for the reduction of stickies and white pitch deposits.
Soon thereafter, the AZC evaded registration as it morphed into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.
The men's first team maintained a 100 per cent record with five straight wins as they lifted the silverware at the expense of De Meer (3-0), AZC (6-3), Matlock (6-3) and Njord (6-0).
Measurements were performed on films prepared from latices BA50 to BA90, on latices pre-neutralized with NaOH solution (BA50Na-BA90Na) and latices which had been modified by post-polymerization addition of AZC (BA50Z-BA90Z).
The Kennedy's understood the reality of the situation as it existed during their days in government, that the AZC was an agent of a foreign government, Israel, which would prevent it from buying American politicians and exerting the kind of influence over public opinion making that for all intents and purposes is now is a fait accompli.
But after Robert Kennedy's departure from the Department of Justice the AZC and AIPAC were largely let off the hook.
The AZC had been found moving funding from the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem into lobbying startup groups across the US, as well as to AIPAC's founder, Isaiah L.
Amexdrug Corporation (OTCBB: AXRX) a pharmaceutical wholesaler of brand name and generic pharmaceutical products, over-the-counter drug and non-drug products as well as health and beauty aids announced that it has begun trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol AZC.
The location Prince Bosch in Gilze and Rijen COA intends existing buildings (monument) it has currently in use as Family Shelter Location and Process Reception Location with associated offices and facility space to renovate so that these properties meet the current requirements which are placed on a AZC.