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AZEAlliance for Zero Extinction (biodiversity conservation)
AZEAllowable Zone of Effect
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King Azes has been known since the days of Charles Masson, who collected coins in the 1830s in Gandhara proper and eastern Afghanistan.
FUSSMAN and all who followed him opted for the Azes era for the first inscription.
In the latter case we would get a person responsible for the introduction of the era, so that Azes would appear as the "son of Heliophilos", which presently seems difficult to imagine.
16) The two other eras that were certainly in use are the era of Azes and the Yavana era as found on the Rukhuna reliquary.
The Rukhuna reliquary, dated to 201 Yavana = 73 Azes, Sravana 8, proves that the era of Azes began 128 years after the era of the Yavanas (Salomon 2005).
The assumption that the Azes era is the same as the Vikrama era ultimately depends on Occam's Razor: the two eras certainly began around the same time, so the simplest model, in the absence of contrary evidence, is that they are two names for the same era.