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AZFAzoospermia Factor (Y chromosome gene)
AZFAzote Fertilisant (French chemical fertilizer plant)
AZFAdrenal Zona Fasciculata (neuroscience)
AZFAmerican Zionist Federation
AZFAdrenocortical Zona Fasciculata (cell biology)
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In a statement, Fournier's office said 17 people had died and 250 were injured, 30 of them seriously, in the blast at the AZF chemical plant.
During the launching, AZF invited motivational speaker and specialist Carl Massy to encourage team spirit, removing communication and structural barriers, and support rapport between the employees.
AZF Corporate Communications manager Nasser Abdullah al-Hajri said: "We regularly host events designed to honour the local customs and traditions, and tonight's Garangao festivities are a perfect example.
As egalitarianism is one of the basic concepts in Islam, AZF in co-operation with Qatar Paralympic Committee, will also organise a special table tennis tournament for people with special needs.
AZF, through its member-organisations Aspire Academy, Aspetar and Aspire Logistics, has organised more than a dozen innovative sports events that thousands of residents and fans of all ages will be able to enjoy on Tuesday.
This was one of the events organised by AZF to promote healthy living as well as to encourage sports activities.
With the experience gained these last weeks and now conscious of its technological, logistic and other weaknesses, AZF suspends its action during the time needed to remedy this,'' the letter said.
The interior ministry said the device did not match bombs described in threats by a mysterious group calling themselves AZF.
Last month a bomb was found on the ParisToulouse train line following threats from a mysterious group calling itself AZF.
The terrorists, using the name AZF, have vowed to detonate the bombs by remote control unless they are paid pounds 3million.
The threats were claimed by a group unknown to French authorities that identified itself as AZF and demanded pounds 2m within the next few days.
Le Figaro reported that Jandoubi was hired to work at the AZF plant by a subcontractor five days before the explosion and was said to have been involved in altercations on the eve and morning of the blast with site workers displaying the US flag in sympathy over the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.