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AZMAcademisch Ziekenhuis Maastricht (Dutch: Maastricht University Hospital; Maastricht, Netherlands)
AZMAcetazolamide (also seen as AZA)
AZMAmerican Zionist Movement (New York, NY)
AZMAdoral Zone of Membranelles
AZMAzeri Manat (Azerbaijan currency)
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In the 2009 study, CPF, AZM, and their oxygen analogs were identified in the outdoor air of the surrounding agricultural communities, indicating direct atmospheric transformation.
IIRA has an outstanding rating of 'AA+' (PK) (Double A Plus) on the PKR 22 billion K-Electric AZM Sukuk on the national scale.
We selected the 10 MDR isolates for further characterization and determined MICs of AZM and CIP by Etest (bioMerieux).
AZM also obtained new device approval for its Quattro and ICY heat exchange catheters to be used for therapeutic hypothermia sales in Japan will begin soon.
The workforce completely subscribed to the AZM Roll Out of moving forward with full dedication, efficiency and competence against all odds.
Hussam Al Asmar, CEO of Eagle Industries, told Gulf News: "Eagle Industries is introducing its first EoACAyMade in the UAE Tractor', AZM 30, at the Dubai Airshow 2011.
The chequerboard evaluation was performed with four antibiotics representing four types of antibacterial agents, including AMP [beta]-lactam), CAZ (cephem), LEV (fluoroquinolone) and AZM (macrolide).
After prolonged consideration, the EPA released its draft decision to phase out all uses of AZM by 2010, with some phased out by 2007.
Schmersal eliminates this problem with the new Solenoid Interlock AZM 200.
Compliance was significantly better in the AZM groups compared with the AMC group (AZM-3: 99.
Seiji Sakano, PhD, will serve as president of AZM, reporting directly to Richard A.