AZPAlpha Zeta Partners (professional, honorary fraternity; Ohio State University; Columbus, OH)
AZPArchaeological Zoning Plan (Australia)
AZPArtificial Zona Pellucida (biology)
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Manufacturing facilities for AZP will be constructed at the company's Chiba Plant, with start-up scheduled for early next year.
The symptoms of acute AZP intoxication include nausea, vomiting, severe diarrhea, and stomach cramps (Satake et al.
Although AZP is a serious concern in Europe, its presence has never been reported outside European waters.
The Moroccan monitoring program to screen for the presence of lipophilic compounds employs the mouse bioassay (MBA), which does not allow distinguishing the contamination from different phycotoxin families, such as DSP or AZP, because these compounds are detected altogether.
From the data presented in Figure 4, one observes that maximal concentrations of AZP toxins appear after the decline of DSP peaks (mid September 2004 and mid July 2005).
Additional product lines within the unit include the company's COR-TEN AZP, ACRYLUME, GALVALUME and Weathered Metals.
At Bank Pekao SA Branch in Lublin No 69 1240 5497 1111 0000 5007 1353, quoting security deposit on AZP / PN / p-207 / 3/2015 part of the No .
Birmingham New Street station Birmingham, United Kingdom Architect: AZP Developer: Network Rail / Mace Ko-Bogen Dusseldorf Dusseldorf, Germany Architect: Studio Daniel Libeskind, New York Developer: die developer Projektentwicklung GmbH, Dusseldorf Saint-Michel's Village Paris, France Architect: Francois Leclerq / Laurent Niget / Le Penhuel Developer: BNP Paribas Real Estate / BNP Paribas Promotion Residentiel