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AZTAzido-Thymidine (AIDS drug)
AZTZidovudine (antiretroviral drug)
AZTAllianz Zentrum für Technik GmbH (German automotive safety standards)
AZTAutomobilklub Ziemi Tyskiej (Polish motor sports series)
AZTAschheim-Zondek Test
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AZT was offered to all the residents of the treatment villages, including residents not part of the follow-up investigation.
It is well known that AZT is associated with an increased risk of a range of long-term side-effects, especially anaemia.
Short-term side-effects of AZT include nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, fatigue, weakness and muscle pain.
Meanwhile, we should continue to use AZT in the first-line combination therapy in HIV/AIDS patients with haemoglobin levels >8g/dl as a public health approach since the drug is cheaper and should do a continuous surveillance for development of haematological toxicity.
AZT was once the only treatment for AIDS, and it remains an important treatment, particularly in preventing the transmission of the virus from infected mothers to their unborn children.
Lamivudine (aka 3TC) is a safe, effective and inexpensive addition to AZT and counter to nevirapine resistance and is included in the World Health Organization's (WHO's) PMTCT guidelines.
AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest AIDS organization in the US which operates free AIDS treatment clinics in the US, Africa, Central America and Asia, will host a press teleconference tomorrow, Thursday, November 10th at 9am Eastern Standard Time (6am Pacific, 2pm UK and 5pm Uganda time -- see dial in information above) to call attention to the worldwide shortage of British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) life-saving AIDS drug, AZT (Retrovir or zidovudine), the very first AIDS drug, which is also a significant component of many AIDS drug regimens today, including GSK's best selling Combivir and Trizivir formulations.
The company, which started to manufacture AZT in early 2000 for export, got the necessary approval from the State Drug Administration to sell it domestically only last week and is now busy marketing the medicine, the newspaper said.
Although the new strain could still be treated with AZT, it raised the possibility of viruses becoming immune to the drug in the future.
According to the papers filed in court: "Towards the end of July 1997, [James Hayman] commenced a month's course of AZT, together with a related drug, 3TC, at daily oral does of 600mg and 300mg respectively, which had been prescribed to him following an HIV-positive diagnosis based on reactive antibody tests of HIV and a low CD4+ cell count.
Anderson was told a doctor could FedEx her liquid AZT.
Echocardiography was used to compare four measures of left ventricular structure and function in 58 HIV-infected infants; at the time of each cardiac evaluation 46 were not receiving AZT, and 12 were receiving AZT.