AZZZAdmix-Zaken Zijn Zaken (Dutch: Admix Affairs Affairs)
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Recruitment resources include word of mouth among your sleep community; the AAST Web site; trade magazines like Focus, AZZZ, Advance for Respiratory Care Practitioners; and sleep organization newsletters.
Arrangements exist in Slovakia for tripartite consultation in a specially-created National Council of Economic and Social Agreement, bringing together the Government, KOZ, and the national employers organisation, AZZZ, as a sounding-board for government strategy.
Nevertheless, he says that the national trade union and employer organisations remain committed to trying to make the system work better: "Even despite unresolved issues from last year, KOZ and AZZZ maintain that tripartite consultation, in line with EU policy, should be the decisive form of social dialogue, and expect representatives of governments and employers to address the questions of economic and social policy".