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AADUAction Against Drugs Unit (UK)
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Must, Aadu (2008) "Kas Eesti vaarib alguparast humni?
Luus, Aadu (1959) Tartus ja Rootsis: eluradadel nahtut, kuuldut, meeles peetut.
The company's second AADU, Rig 272, remains on schedule for acceptance testing in 2013.
Die estnischen Familiennamen entstammen dem Werk von Aadu Must uber die Quellen der Familiengeschichte der Esten "Eestlaste perekonnaloo allikad" (Tartu 2000), der elektronischen Datenbank der estnischen Familiennamen (http://ee.
Dubai: AaDu telecom operator has launched a new monthly plan to bring more value to its customers.
Aadu Must has pointed out that the sources of Estonian history are peculiar in that most of them are located outside the country, in the archives of states that used to govern us; furthermore, this is not only a quantitative but also a qualitative problem.