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AAFESArmy & Air Force Exchange Service
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PenFed said it gains access to a new field of membership that includes 35,000 employees of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, and a great branch network with outstanding service; whereas AAFES FCU gains access to PenFed's products, low loan rates and high dividend yields for its members.
AAFES employees operate more than 2,440 facilities in more than 33 countries, 50 states and five US territories.
According to AAFES, sales of adult magazines have declined 86% since 1998 and 18% from 2011 to 2012.
Non-appropriated funds coming from user fees and sales, AAFES, and recreation and amusement machine operations are invested and earn interest to benefit Army FMWR operations.
AAFES has had an interesting evolution from civilian storekeepers accompanying militiamen during the Revolutionary War to current online web operations.
The program at AAFES resulted in a 266 percent lift for Crown Royal--exceeding the partners' goal of a 150 percent lift.
Keep in mind, AAFES may secure future ACU contracts, and other contract numbers may appear on the uniform.
We've been able to produce a lot of information explaining what AAFES does and the services that we offer," said Ronald Willis, customer service supervisor for AAFES.
In light of the global war on terrorism, AAFES officials are placing more emphasis on supporting deployed Airmen warriors.
Although the Army and Air Force Exchange Service has existed for more than a century, recent events in the world arena have reminded the industry of the significant contributions AAFES provides quietly.
In 1997, AAFES received a garnishment order from a German court, on behalf of a judgment creditor of one of the principals of IH.
According to The New York Times, the AAFES "had imported $138,290 in clothing from Myanmar despite a ban by the Clinton Administration on investing in that country.