AAL2Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer 2
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The VoABlade provides support for up to 2048 full-duplex AAL1 VCs without Channel Associated Signalling (CAS) or up to 1023 full-duplex AAL1 or AAL2 with CAS.
The MT92210/220 are assembly and disassembly processors that simultaneously convert both PCM (pulse code modulation) and ADPCM (adaptive differential PCM) voice channels to IP packets or ATM AAL2 cells.
v2, MGCP, and SIP for VoIP applications, as well as AAL2 for VoDSL and AAL5 for data transport over ATM.
8220;MAPS[TM] IuCS ATM internally uses AAL2 Traffic Generator for traffic generation on a successfully established call.
Molecular analysis of animal rabies viruses showed that AAL2 appeared in central Bangladesh only 32 years ago.
This integrated functionality enables quicker time to market for wireless and wire line applications that require ATM AAL2 and AAL5 processing and bridging to the Internet Protocol (IP).
A comprehensive suite of vocoders and concurrent support for VoIP over Ethernet and AAL5, as well as VoATM AAL1 and AAL2, highlight the rich feature set and flexibility that system vendors require to migrate to next generation wireline and wireless networks.
This feature enables monitoring of data simulation over the high-performance online AAL2 (real-time) layer.
The Sonoma Integrator Xi is a next-generation broadband integrated access device with data, AAL2 packet voice, analog voice and PBX functionality.
For ATM, both AAL2 and AAL5 adaptations are supported, and the ATM-IP Interworking application enables the transport over IP of voice, data, and control traffic to/from other processing units via the Gigabit Ethernet (GE) backplane.