AARIArctic and Antarctic Research Institute
AARIAYUB Agricultural Research Institute (Pakistan)
AARIAegean Agricultural Research Institute (Turkey)
AARIAfrican Alliance of Rhode Island (Providence, RI)
AARIAll African Rights Initiative
AARIArcuate Artery Resistance Index
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AARI has 1,064 scientists in grades 17-20 and approximately 2715 supporting and 1075 administrative staff (Personal communication with DGA (R), AARI, Faisalabad office).
But their reunion is not a happy one because something happened to Aari during his exile that has caused him to change significantly.
The interim committee was elected for a period of two years, after which an executive body for AARI will be elected.
Best fashion snips we loved were a classic leather shoulder bag with a zip-top fastening down to pounds 25 from pounds 35 ; a siesta aari scarf in silk and cotton with hand embroidery now pounds 13 (from pounds 15) and jasper stone studs made in Peru down to pounds 9.
A challenge for typologists is to make their work accessible and interesting to the reader unversed in Mordvin, Aari, or Nivkh, for whom the sheer range of unfamiliar languages may seem simply bewildering.
I felt like I was doing something very secretive," remembers the 43-year-old Gaines, Sitting on a couch in the Greenwich Village apartment she shares with her partner, Aari Blake Ludvigsen, the unassuming Gaines laughs at the awkward, difficult position she was in, "At the time, I told Dave everything I did," she explains.
Director General Agriculture (Research) AARI Dr Abid Mehmood thanked the minister for providing funds for establishment of the daycare centre.
He added that in arid areas, farmers should cultivate approved varieties like Chakwal 50, NARC 2009, PARC 2009, Dharabi 2011 while in irrigated areas, the wheat varieties like Sehar 2006, Lasani 2008, Faisalabad 2008, AARI 2011, Punjab 2011, Millat 2011, NARC 2011, Shafaq 2006, Fareed 2006, Meraj 2008 and Aas 2011 should be cultivated.
Among their topics are new challenges for African potentials in mediating conflicts: the case of Turkana in northwestern Kenya, the Fambul Tok (family talk) project: a hybrid attempt for local transitional justice in Sierra Leone, African chiefs in the global era: chieftaincy titles and Igbo migrants from Nigeria, ZAIRAICHI (local knowledge_ as the manners of co-existence: encounters between the Aari farmers in southwestern Ethiopia and the Other, and the universality of humanity as an African potential.
The embroidery was traditional with appliques, cutwork, beading, as well as traditional Aegean tie-dye, along with Aari and Zardosi work with the Greek fonts embroidered on the bodices of the garments.
The colourful 44- ensemble strong collection also included embroideries like zardozi, gotta, doria, marodi, aari and chikankari.
Abstracts in "International Wheat Seminar" held at the Wheat Research Institute, AARI, Faisalabad, Pakistan.