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AASSAdvanced Audio Server Set
AASSAdaptive Antenna Systems Symposium (IEEE)
AASSAdvanced Airborne Surveillance Sensor
AASSAdvanced Airborne Surveillance System
AASSAdvanced Acoustic Search Sensor
AASSAustralian Academy of Social Sciences
AASSAmerican Anti-Slavery Society (est. 1833)
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In May 2006 the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) announced that it was seeking to expand its expeditionary capabilities by replacing its HMAS Manoora and HMAS Kanimbla 'Kanimbla' class AAS procured second-hand from the United States in the mid-1990s, with a more modern design equipped with a flight deck capable of operating STOVL aircraft.
We performed hierarchical linear regression analyses to predict physical activity twice: first, using the HPLP-II PA subscale (physical activity engagement), and second, using the HAP AAS (physical activity capability).
Although methandienone is one of the most extensively studied AASs, its metabolism is far from clear in every detail.
01 Creek AASS Field pH Peroxide Dried pH oxidation pH Benin 3.
Non sulfuric or sulfidic layers were assigned the letter 'N', sulfuric layers were assigned the letter 'A' to represent AASS material, and sulfidic layers were assigned the letter 'P' to represent PASS.
It should be noted while the sisters functioned as and believed themselves to be considered agents, when the sisters sought to clarify their official relationship with the AASS in the midst of their controversial speaking tour the Executive Committee chose to not label them agents but instead extended to them the nebulous status of "cooperators" (Weld to Sarah and Angelina Grimke, 1 October [1 September] 1837, Letters of Theodore Dwight Weld, Angelina Grimke Weld, and Sarah Grimke, 1822-1844, ed.
Aass announced the gift during a news conference at the U.
The 3 treated groups demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in AASS in comparison with placebo (0.
Hutt is a brewery in Germany; Brockhouse is a Danish brewery; Aass (pronounced "orse") is Norway's oldest brewery; The Elgoods have been running their independent family brewery since 1878, and Gulpen has been brewed in Holland since 1825 (Eyewitness Companion To Beer).
So bounded, these areas accord closely with many other standardized definitions of the inner city (see Bunting 1987; Filion 1987; Ley 2000; McLemore, Aass and Keilhofer 1975).
Aass N, Fossa SD, Dahl AA, Moe TJ: Occurrence of anxiety and depression in cancer patients: An investigation at the Norwegian Radium Hospital.