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ABAEAmateur Boxing Association of England (UK)
ABAEAdult Bovine Aortic Endothelial (cell biology)
ABAEAssociation of Black Academic Employees (Illinois State University; Normal, IL)
ABAEAortic Bovine Arch Endothelial (cells)
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The former Knowsley ABA boxing club star had his sights on the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 after being crowned England ABAE champion in 2011 and 2012 and captaining the England team that won gold in the GB Schoolboy Championships.
The disciplinary commission added that the fine would be waived if the ABAE issues a public statement confirming it had failed to comply with AIBA's statutes and rules.
ABAE was informed of its provisional suspension via e-mail last week, citing a number of "serious violations" of AIBA statutes.
However, a spokesperson for the ABAE said: "We will be contacting AIBA immediately, in relation to the concerns it has raised, and we are confident that the ABAE will be able to provide the international governing body with the necessary reassurances to ensure this provisional suspension is lifted.
Former WABF secretary Stuart Price of Maesteg said: "We were advised that we had an excellent chance of success if we took the ABAE to court, but we lost.
Amateur boxing in England has made huge progress under Paul's leadership of the ABAE and is now widely recognised as one of our most successful sports in its ability to deliver the twin goals of increasing participation and elite success," he said.
Other Birtley results included decisions against Jake Slater in his bout with two-time ABAE champion Reece Balloti and a split vote which saw Novice Kris Pilkington lose to Mo Fahrib (Finchley).
The international boxing association announced at the weekend it was provisionally suspending the ABAE from competition for what it described as "serious violations" of regulations.
Venezuela has the ABAE institutional structure, which was the first to be established, two satellites in space and now will have a small satellite factory.
Age, juvenile/ [%] positive) * adult ([dagger]) Ghana Coleura afra 108 (0) 2/105 Hipposideros abae 604 (0) 55/548 H.
Fighting fit: ABAE Elite Champion boxer Alimaan Hussain (centre), who trains at Aston Amateur Boxing Club, with the youngsters who have just been awarded pounds 1,000 to get new gloves.
Part of this funding initiative is an ABAE Ltd commitment to pay pounds 10,000 per annum towards Amir's education.