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ABBOArbeitsgemeinschaft Berlin Brandenburgischer Ornithologen (German: Association of Berlin-Brandenburg Ornithologists; Germany)
ABBOAnybody But Barack Obama (blog)
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The diocese of Qu'Appelle began raising money to reunite the Abbo family in Canada, and they submitted an application to sponsor Saeed, Amjed, Rawan, Sareta and Saemn as named refugees.
20) Abbo uses postural descriptions to portray Edmund as a martyr during and after his decapitation.
Speaking from the pulpit Abbo distanced his flock from the agitation of the "alleged revolutionaries" as he called them and made it clear that the mosque was a site of worship and not a political platform.
CATHERINE W GICHUKI DOHA TWENTY-six exclusive art pieces by Iraqi-Armenian artist Shetha Faraj Abbo al Numan are on display at an exhibition titled 'Between Gestalt and Structuralism' at the Katara Gallery, building 19.
Various postharvest approaches were applied to increase date fruit quality and extend shelf-life including low/high temperature storage and use of controlled atmosphere environments (Falade and Abbo, 2007; Dehghan- Shoar et al.
When Abbo left Everton in 1996, however, I thought of him as a friend, a top bloke and a lovely, lovely man.
Ed Abbo, president and CTO of C3, said, 'We at C3 are honoured to be recognised with an Award of Excellence.
We are awaiting a response from Tel Aviv and Washington," Abbo concluded.
Aside from Hansen's magical five-string violin renditions (plus lead vocals on the selections Frank Sinatra's Cha-Cha-Cha and I Want To Love You), one finds commendable vocals credited to George Balmaseda and Kaspar Abbo in the remaining tracks.
Shahal Abbo from the Levi Eshkol School of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel and his colleagues has found that sustainable farming and the introduction of new crops depends on a moderately stable climate.
Abbo has got slight ligament damage, but it's nothing to be too concerned about.
The tenth-century educator Abbo of Fleury argued that writing came second only to prayer and fasting in tempering carnal desire (Lawrence 113).