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The cause of the omphalocele in our case may be the valproic acid, as it has been associated with many cases of anterior abdominal wall defect, and two cases of giant omphalocele (Boussemart et al.
16 Use of a mesh to reinforce the abdominal wall is considered the gold standard in OVHR,16 since the mesh strengthens the abdominal wall defect without tension.
Omphalocoele is a congenital, central abdominal wall defect that results in the herniation of the abdominal contents through an umbilical defect with an overlying membrane covering the contents.
They were having abdominal wall defect due to traumatic loss or peritonitis and abdominal wall sepsis/necrosis.
8 kg was admitted for repair of an abdominal wall defect [Figure 1].
Prevalence of congenital anterior abdominal wall defects in the United Kingdom: Comparison of regional registers.
Bowel continuity can be reestablished and the abdominal wall defect closed with mesh, (5) but this procedure is often technically precluded.
The abdominal wall defect was repaired primarily in closing.
Gastrointestinal system anomalies were grouped as EA/TEF, ARM, atresias involving stomach, ileum or colon, diaphragmatic hernia, abdominal wall defects, rotation defects, and annular pancreas.
Neurovascular latissimus dorsi free flap transfer for reconstruction of a major abdominal wall defect in a 13 month old child: late follow up.
In both techniques, the surgeon attaches a mesh patch to the muscle tissue and covers the area of the abdominal wall defect.