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Faculties of law did not offer particularly vigorous opposition to women students: in 1902, seven of nine Prussian faculties favored admission of women with the Abitur, whereas only five of nine medical faculties did so.
He notes that in Duisburg during the Second Empire, 42 percent of sons of Bildungsburger obtained the Abitur, while 30 percent of sons of Besitzburger did so; comparable figures for Minden, with a somewhat larger upper class, were only 25 and 12 percent.
Bereits zwei Wochen nach der Ruckkehr in die Heimat sab sie, mit dem Ziel das Abitur abzulegen, im Unterricht an der Abendschule von Valka.
Der Geburtsort von Valve-Liivi Kingisepp liegt in Westestland und in Haapsalu schloss sie ihre Schulausbildung mit dem Abitur ab.
Nach dem Abitur studierte er an der Staatlichen Universitat Uczgorod, die er 1954 als Mittelschullehrer fur Ukrainisch absolvierte.
Das Abitur legte er 1943 an der Mittelschule in Mustvee ab, besuchte anschliessend vier Jahre lang das Lehrerseminar in Tartu und schloss 1952 an der Staatlichen Universitat Tartu ein Studium der finnisch-ugrischen Sprachen ab.
Twenty had the university-preparatory Abitur degree, nine had law degrees, and six had PhDs (including Dr.
I was at home for almost five years before I was able to complete my education and finally get an Abitur [the German diploma that qualifies a person to enter university].
While Jakob courts Marion, he develops his skills as a writer and publishes articles on politics in a local newspaper, undergoes the classical educational tour of Italy and Greece, and ultimately earns his Abitur after one year.
In France, Germany and Switzerland, for example, a good mark in the mathematics paper that forms a compulsory part of the Baccalaureate, Abitur or Maturitat is a prerequisite for university entrance regardless of the subject or discipline for future study.
Already two years earlier, in 1915, Gerhard had had to leave his school before completing his Abitur, because an anti-war letter, which he wrote as a response to an article by Martin Buber, was discovered by his teachers.
Abitur statistics, as well as professional choice, are obviously closely related to the length of school attendance.