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ABOAbonnement (German: Subscription)
ABOAnybody but Obama (politics)
ABOAmway Business Owner
ABOAccumulated Benefit Obligation
ABOAccumulated Benefit Obligation (pension plan accounting)
ABOAdmin Base Object
ABOAction Based Outcome
ABOActive Business Object
ABOAmerican Board of Ophthalmology
ABOAmerican Board of Opticianry (Springfield, VA)
ABOAlgal Biomass Organization (Preston, MN)
ABOAmerican Board of Orthodontics
ABOAssociated Builders and Owners
ABOAmerican Board of Otolaryngology
ABOAssociation of British Orchestras
ABOAmsterdam Baroque Orchestra
ABOAlaska Bird Observatory
ABOAviators Breathing Oxygen
ABOArmy Budget Office
ABOAir Base Operability
ABOAmerican Board of Opticians
ABOAgents of Biological Origin
ABOAccelerated Bookbuilt Offering (investing)
ABOAutomated Box Office (American Multi-Cinema, Inc.)
ABOAdmin Base Objects (Microsoft IIS)
ABOAssociation des Bibliotechniciens de l'Ontario
ABOAir-Breathing Organ (fish biology)
ABOAntibodies Blood Group
ABOAtlanta Baroque Orchestra (Atlanta, Georgia)
ABOAdiabatic Born-Oppenheimer
ABOAnnular Beam Oscillator
ABOArbitration Out
ABOAirborne Order
ABOAdvanced Byte-Oriented
ABOAbsent Bed Occupancy
ABOAsociación Benedictina Olivetana Centro Educacional (Olivetana Benedictine Association Educational Center, Guatemala)
ABOAntibonding Bond Orbital
ABOAcross Border Operations
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ABO blood group testing is the basis for pretransfusion testing to select accurate blood unit for transfusion.
The consequences of this examination uncovered a noteworthy relationship of blood group A with IHD which demonstrates that in this Pakistani populace the pervasiveness of IHD in blood aggregate A is constantly higher than in all other ABO blood bunches.
Distribution of the ABO blood groups and Rh (D) factor among the scheduled caste population of Punjab.
ABO in the Context of Blood Transfusion and Beyond.
Abo Ali pointed out that his company started this month in the construction works of its new hotel.
Risk of pancreatic cancer in relation to ABO blood group and hepatitis C virus infection in Korea: a case-control study.
El adecuado conocimiento de los grupos sanguineos ABO y factor Rh, es muy valioso para la formacion integral de profesionales en salud, y ejerce hoy en dia un importante papel, tanto para el entendimiento teorico como para el adecuado manejo y administracion de los componentes sanguineos en las multiples entidades clinicas y en los centros educativos que asi lo requieran y es por eso que uno de los puntos importantes del presente trabajo de investigacion es el suministro de un carnet con los datos del grupo sanguineo y factor Rh que poseen, con la finalidad de tomar medidas preventivas y asi mejorar los niveles de conocimiento en sus habitantes, mas especificamente en los estudiantes del III semestre de la Escuela de Bioanalisis de la Universidad del Zulia.
Allelic frequency and heterozygosity estimates at ABO and Rh loci in lower KPK populations.
Risk factors of neonatal jaundice includes hemolysis secondary to Rhesus isoimmunisation and ABO incompatibility, sepsis, prematurity and enzyme defects (Uridyl diphosphate glucoronyl transferase enzyme deficiency).
The distribution of ABO and Rh blood groups are highly influenced by the type of race, regional area, both populations both and the category of sub population.
The frequency distribution of ABO blood group in the infertile group was the approximately same with fertile group.
Blood groups ABO have also been used as a genetic marker for obesity and a strong predictor of suicide and homicide rates [7, 8, 9].