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ABSIAmerican Business Solutions, Inc. (various locations)
ABSiAdelphia Business Solutions (telecommunications)
ABSIAlpha Broadcast Services International (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
ABSIAmerican Behavioral Studies Institute (Santa Ana, CA)
ABSIA Better Solution Inc (Venice, FL)
ABSIAdvanced Building Systems Inc. (Reading, PA)
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The only mistake was that the person, who must be trying to be creative in marketing, used a photograph of the worker," explainedMr Al Absi.
Absi presented Ibrahim with the Patriarchal Medal in recognition of his efforts and service to Lebanon in recognition of his efforts and service to Lebanon.
In turn, Patriarch Joseph Absi and the delegation members expressed their confidence that Syria will achieve victory as it is now leading the human struggle against the schemes aimed at spreading extremism and terrorism and for the restoration of peace and security to its territory.
In addition to documenting the conference's past involvement with fledgling research-to-market initiatives, Absi announced a new initiative entitled "Arab innovation is back" that will rely on crowd-funding to generate venture capital from donations of as small as $5.
Al Absi is the chairman and chief executive officer of Group JWA, which is the parent company behind Rogo's.
Our BIM department has been using Bentley software for 17 years to create our own BIM environment for client projects," explained El Absi.
Mr Al Absi said the volunteers will be trained to tackle different situations.
Also, because the data came from two surveys seven years apart, the researchers were able to assess the effect of change in ABSI on mortality.
The analysis found ABSI to be a strong indicator of mortality hazard among the HALS population.
Absi and Mersal expressed deep appreciation and thanks to the President for this generous, humanitarian and moral gesture.
El Fahri (Maroc) pour la zone Afrique, et Salah Eddine Abdellah (Jordanie), Ghanem Ahmed Ghanem (Emirats Arabes Unis), Nadjeh Hamoud Harib (Irak), M'barek El Msab (Koweit), Mahmoud Rab (Liban) et Ahmed Al Absi (Yemen) pour la zone Asie.
An official in al-Farouq Brigades said the killing of Absi was mysterious but acknowledged that it had marred ties with Nusra, but he did not blame Nusra for Waqqas's killing.