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ABWEAssociation of Baptists for World Evangelism
ABWEAlaska Bureau of Wildlife Enforcement (Alaskan fish and game protection agency; various locations)
ABWEAssociation of Black Women Entrepreneurs (Los Angeles, CA)
ABWEAssociation of Baptist for World Evangelization (ministry; Harrisburg, PA)
ABWEAllocated Baseline Weight Estimate
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But ABWE offered only to help pay for victims' counseling.
It soon became clear, however, that ABWE was not enthusiastic about being investigated.
Three weeks later, ABWE fired GRACE, alleging that the investigation was "fatally flawed" and "would not find the truth.
ABWE claimed that the missionary kids' testimony was tainted by their exposure to one another; that the investigators weren't using the evidentiary standards of a courtroom and had not recorded the interviews; and that eight interviewees had complained that GRACE had asked leading questions and excluded positive recollections about ABWE from their interview summaries.
When placed in the context of ABWE's conduct over the past 20 months," GRACE concluded, the termination "strongly suggests ABWE is unwilling to have itself investigated unless the investigation is within your control.
ABWE replaced GRACE with Professional Investigators International (Pii), which said it was conducting not an investigation but "research" into the Bangladesh hospital where Ketcham had worked.
In a brief statement responding to questions from the Prospect, Pii CEO Linda Davis characterized its work for ABWE and New Tribes as "totally independent investigations following investigative procedures, very thorough in nature.
In a section for frequently asked questions on its website, ABWE promises that in its "desire for transparency," it "intends to publicly release the unedited report, when it is completed.
I feel there's a good chance that what ABWE is doing now is building a defense case against future lawsuits--that really these interviews are lining the walls of their lawyers' office.
Despite the disappointments, the New Tribes and ABWE investigations had shed new light on the problem.