ABYAAssociation of Brokers, Yacht Agents
ABYAAnchor Bay Yachting Association (Mount Clemens, MI)
ABYAAustralian Blue Yabby Aquaculture
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Our Abya Yala are a wonderful people who have begun the process of deconstruction and construction of our own history, from its original inhabitants in some places.
2) By so labelling them, the conquistadores were able to avoid the effort of regarding the peoples of Abya Yala as subjects of worth in their own right, with very different social, political and religious systems.
AbyA, founded by the mother-daughter team of Tery and Joyce Spataro in 2001, is now the online distributor of the Vivian B.
AbyA is an innovative retail firm that offers its customers a personal shopper service and promotes fashion events throughout the Greater Phoenix Area and NYC.
Quito: Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar: Abya Yala: Corporacion Editora Nacional, 2005.
We want the land of the Bible to be converted into an Abya Yala for men and women, into an enriched and abundant land and soil, fertile for the liberating word: land which is no longer sterile and dead, land where new fruits of faith and spirituality can be harvested.
AbyA also invites businesses of women's beauty products and services to be a part of the new experience.
61-105; Luis Verdesoto, Reforma politica y asamblea nacional (Quito: Programa de apoyo al sistema de gobernabilidad democratico, Abya Yala, 1997); Maria Fernanda Canete, ed.