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Uses: a stand-alone computer program based on MS Access 2000 using checklists and drop-down lists.
0, an introduction to databases, MS Access 2000, Oracle, SQL Server 2000, graphs and data reports, error handling, and more.
The tutorials include Windows Movie Maker 2, Adobe Photoshop, Word 2000, Access 2000 and PowerPoint 2000.
The database is compiled in Access 2000 software and has several built-in forms and printable reports for easy retrieval and viewing of data.
This comes with Microsoft Access 97 SR-1, Microsoft Access 2000 and Microsoft Access XP.
If MS Access 2000 is not on the user's hard drive, MS Access 2000 Runtime[R], included on the TELUS installation disk, must be installed.
GFI has discovered a security flaw in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Access 2000 that allows macros to be executed automatically on a victim's machine.
Written in MS Access 2000, the heart of Calwatch is its 32-bt Jet Engine relational database.
The PED system was designed so that data could be readily managed through the Microsoft Access 2000 software.
Data entry intervals can be set by the user to increase or decrease the granularity of data recorded, Historian data can be stored in various databases including: Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and Access 2000.
org] and ask for the Access 2000 booklet, which is published by a group called Access Northern California [www.
The product features a fully customizable interface, uses standard Access 2000 databases, and comes with 27 built-in reports.