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According to Jim Baker, some animals have only a limited education, and some use only simple words, and scarcely ever a comparison or a flowery figure; whereas, certain other animals have a large vocabulary, a fine command of language and a ready and fluent delivery; consequently these latter talk a great deal; they like it; they are so conscious of their talent, and they enjoy "showing off.
According to Jim Hall, vice president at consultancy AutoPacific, there are manifold cost savings associated with taking out some of those high-end Jettas.
According to Jim Slattery, Trade Show committee chairman, "The 5th Annual Real Estate Trade Show continues to grow and it is an excellent opportunity to see products or services offered by exhibitors and network to expand your business directly with professionals active in the real estate industry.
Uniloy Milacron, a supplier of blow molding equipment and molds, adopted laser scanning to overcome the limitations of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), according to Jim Janeczek, Uniloy product design engineer.
Such reports, according to Jim McElhatton of The Washington Times, "were not submitted for 89% of the trips taken by [education] officials.
31, 2003, according to Jim Cullen, treasurer of General Synod.
According to Jim Taylor, the biomass gasification plants have met with few objections from power companies, regulators or manufacturers and engineering firms who have been allowed to learn about the process.
According to Jim Hurley, director of development at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, there were more than 200 inquiries and 120 middle and high school teachers attending the first conference, and the second conference had 150 teachers indicating a strong desire to attend and 81 attending.
According to Jim and Elizabeth, the ATF official stated that three MP5 machine guns had been stolen from the police, and that the burden of proof was on Jim to demonstrate his innocence.
According to Jim Greufe, CRM implementation director, Farm Credit Services of America, "Pivotal and Intel have provided Farm Credit Services of America with the proven expertise and technology guidance to optimize our current technology infrastructure to take full advantage of our Pivotal solution suite.
According to Jim Redden, "There is no war on crime.