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ACESITACompanhia de Aços Especiais Itabira (Brazil)
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While there can be no assurance that its position will ultimately prevail, Mittal Steel believes that consummation of the Offer (and of the other transactions contemplated by the Memorandum of Understanding) would not result in the direct or indirect acquisition of control of Arcelor Brasil or Acesita for purposes of Article 254-A.
Consolidated revenue include Acesita, consolidated as of October 1st, 2005.
If the Offer succeeds, Brazilian law will require Mittal Steel to offer to purchase all of the outstanding voting shares of Arcelor's two Brazilian subsidiaries, Arcelor Brasil and Acesita, not already owned by Arcelor, at a price representing that part of the overall consideration paid for Arcelor, including premium, that is attributable to the two subsidiaries.
Simultaneously, Arcelor acquired from Acesita CST common and preferred shares representing 8.
This transaction is related to the bid made by CVRD and Arcelor to Acesita publicly announced on December 20, 2002.
The increase is essentially due to the full consolidation of Acesita (October 1, 2005) which accounts for EUR 560 million.
Total Revenues for the first quarter 2006 were EUR 1,406 million compared to 981 million in 2005 which do not include Acesita.
CVRD and Arcelor are proposing to pay Acesita an average price of US$ 21.
The Bank of New York announced today that it has been selected by Acesita S.
NEW YORK) The Bank of New York Selected By Acesita For Its
17 billion via an equity issue, of which USD578 million will be used to finance the purchase of CVRD's stake in CST and the remaining USD400 million to exercise its put and call agreement in Acesita in 2005.
Acesita is soliciting Waivers in connection with its future planning efforts to extend the average life of its outstanding debt and minimize any unnecessary future refinancing costs, thereby providing more certainty in its financial plan.