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ACIMA Course in Miracles (Foundation for Inner Peace)
ACIMAC Induction Motor
ACIMAssociation Canadienne de l'Industrie du Médicament (Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada)
ACIMAssociação Comercial e Industrial de Marília
ACIMAssociate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
ACIMAvailability Centered Inventory Model
ACIMAirborne Communications Interface Module
ACIMAxis-Crossing Interval Meter
ACIMAdvanced Communications Interface Module
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About ACIM: ACIM (Asociacion Colombiana de Investigacion de Medios) is a non-profit association, whose main objectives are the research and measurement of various mass media in Colombia, mainly through its EGM Study (Estudio General de Medios).
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FOC software for controlling ACIM motors is contained in application note AN1162.
Acim Jouanin is also showing a drum heater on wheels, which has stainless-steel, armored tubular heaters mounted on a stainless-steel reflector.
ACIM has formed past and present strategic alliances and sponsorships with leading companies such as AutoNation, Disney World, General Motors, Nextel, UPS, Bank of America, Lands End, the Miami Dolphins, Marriott Hotels and the state of Florida.
Two application notes, AN901 and AN908, are posted on Microchip's Web site that provide instruction on how to utilize the dsPIC30F for sensorless BLDC control and vector control of an ACIM, respectively.
The reference applications are initially configured to control an ACIM (Microchip part number AC300021) and brushless DC motor (AC300020) that are available from Microchip.
One such development board is the new PICDEM(TM) MC, which supports creation of both ACIM and BLDC advanced motor control applications with Microchip's PIC18FXX31 family of MCUs.
Other Microchip motor control devices include: the 8-bit PIC18FXX31 family for low-cost, advanced BLDC and ACIM motor control applications; the 16-bit dsPIC30F DSC motor control and power conversion family, which is ideal for motor control applications that require higher precision, higher-speed operation or sensorless control; the PIC16F7X7 8-bit MCU family for efficient motor control in applications using induction motors; and a complete line of extended-temperature MOSFET Drivers, Fan Managers and Analog Peripherals (like operational amplifiers and temperature sensors).
The new PICDEM MC development board is compatible with the MC-GUI and supports both ACIM and BLDC motor designs for the PIC18FXX31 family of PIC MCUs, which feature three advanced motion control modules, including a built-in quadrature encoder interface.
CHICAGO, May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Stocks and funds in this article include: iShares MSCI ACWI Index Fund ( ACWI ), Vanguard Total World Stock ETF ( VT ), iShares MSCI World Index Fund ( URTH ), SPDR MSCI ACWI IMI Fund ( ACIM ), Accuvest Global Opportunities ETF ( ACCU ).