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It is a fast paced and chaotic animation that although offers several funny one liners, some of which are actually laugh out loud, is an overall forgettable experience.
Actually laugh when your baby bro repeats, "I'd like to be a dentist," a la Hermey from Rudolph, You shouldn't encourage him, WL but the impression is spot-on.
The music was really funny, and I kind of snorted, not wanting to actually laugh.
It's the one time that we all get along and we can sit down and actually laugh together.
To read a script and actually laugh out loud as soon as you turn the first page is more unusual than it sounds - and believe me, there are not many actors out there who would say no to a script by John, he's a real perfectionist,' he adds.
People actually laugh at me, God bless them; I'm rather flattered, but there is a limit.
9 Actually laugh when your li'l bro repeats, "I want to be a dentist," a la Hermey from Rudolph.
He says: "I actually laugh and joke about the fall now, but I will never forget how serious it was at the time even though I cannot remember a damn thing about it.
IT made me actually laugh out loud to read John Parry's Gift of the Cab comments regarding a gridlocked city centre due to the suspension of bus lanes (ECHO, November 28).
There was something about Twin Town that was special and I think we realised it at the time and we had a lot of fun doing it, but we didn't actually laugh a lot because the schedule was so tight.
However, it's one of those programmes that you watch, say, hmm that's very clever, but don't actually laugh.
I actually laugh now because I look forward to sitting down on a Saturday or Sunday to read.