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APOArmy Post Office
APOArmy & Air Force Post Office
APOAir Post Office
APOAlpha Phi Omega (fraternity)
APOAdvanced Planner and Optimizer (aka Advanced Planning and Optimization; SAP software)
APOApache Point Observatory (Sunspot, New Mexico)
APOAfrican Press Organization (media)
APOAdvanced Planning and Optimization (various companies)
APOApochromatic (optics)
APOAssaulting a Police Officer (crime)
APOAsian Productivity Organization
APOAssistant Program Officer (various organizations)
APOAdult Probation Officer (various locations)
APOApplication Platform Optimization
APOAutomatic Purchase Order
APOAll-in-One Personal Organizer
APOAutomatic Parallelization Option
APOAbsolutely Positioned Object
APOAdvanced Planner and Optimizer
APOAdministrative Protective Order
APOAusserparlamentarische Opposition (Students' Movement in Germany in the late 1960's)
APOAsset Project Office (US Coast Guard)
APOAuckland Philharmonia Orchestra
APOAuthorized Personnel Only (Alias TV show)
APOAuthorized Personnel Only
APOAccountable Property Officer
APOAssistant Presiding Officer (various locations)
APOAffected Property Owner (various locations)
APOAutopilot-Off (band)
APOAssociation for Professional Observers (fisheries)
APOAudio Processing Object
APOAcute Pulmonary Edema
APOApplication Portfolio Optimization (asset management)
APOAuxiliary Police Officer
APOAfloat Pre-Positioning Operations (US DoD)
APOAdvance Purchase Order
APOArmenian Philharmonic Orchestra (Yerevan, Armenia)
APOApplication Platform Optimization (Microsoft)
APOAlternative Primatial Oversight
APOAdministrative Penalty Order
APOAgile Program Office
APOAsia Pacific Organization (Japan)
APOAustralian Post Office
APOAccreditation Program Overview (various organizations)
APOAldworth Philharmonic Orchestra (UK)
APOAfrican Political Organization
APOAfrican People's Organization
APOAsia/Pacific Office
APOApollo Program Office
APOAnimal Protection Officer
APOAWIPS Program Office (US DoD)
APOApprentice Police Officer (various locations)
APOAres Projects Office
APOArlington Philharmonic Orchestra (Arlington, MA)
APOApplication Process Outsourcing
APOArmy Procurement Objective
APOALARA Program Office
APOAdministrative Policy Office
APOAtlanta Philharmonic Orchestra (Atlanta, Georgia)
APOAlgorithmes Parallèles et Optimisation (French: Parallel Algorithms and Optimization)
APOAcquisition Project/Program Office(r)
APOAction Print Only
APOAccountable Provider Organization (various organizations)
APOAdaptive Planning Option
APOAsset Placement Optimizer
APOAutomated Project Order Form System
APOFAA Aviation Policy and Plans Office
APOAdvanced Production Orders
APOOptical Answer Print
APOASAS Project Office
APOAudit Policy and Oversight (US DoD IG (Inspector General))
APOAnaesthesia Paramedical Officer
APOAnnual Program Objective
APOAustin Philharmonic Orchestra (Austin, TX)
APOAssemble Per Order
APOAction Pilote Orientation (French: Pilot Action Orientation)
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Congest heart failure and acute pulmonary edema are also excluded.
Acute pulmonary edema as a complication of epileptic seizures.
5] The deaths in scorpion sting envenomation are attributed to cardiopulmonary complications such as myocarditis and acute pulmonary edema.
Acute pulmonary edema is uncommon, but may be due to a reaction directly in the airways and lungs, or it may reflect cardiac decompensation and/or myocardial infarction.
This report describes a fatal case of acute pulmonary edema with rhombencephalitis that occurred within the course of an EV71 infection in France.
The pathogenesis of acute pulmonary edema associated with hypertension.
Flash pulmonary edema and acute pulmonary edema are terms used to define the sudden development of respiratory distress related to the rapid accumulation of fluid within the lung interstitium secondary to elevated cardiac filling pressures (Little, & Braunwald, 1997).
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