Ad-IDAdvertising Digital Identification (Charlotte, NC)
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Ad-ID is the industry standard for commercial ad coding and implementing file-based workflows across all media platforms.
By tagging each advertising asset, the most appropriate ad is selected from available inventory and our metadata ensures shared identification of the advertising asset across multiple cable operators," stated Harold Geller, Managing Director, Ad-ID.
Media Monitors endorses the industry move to Ad-ID, and to help facilitate the plan the ad tracking service will provide agencies and creative houses a platform on which to automate the exchange of Ad-ID metadata and upload the creative directly to Media Monitors' commercial database.
Ad-ID Chief Growth Officer, Harold Geller commented: "We are excited about the cooperation we've gotten from Media Monitors and look forward to a long and productive relationship.
We are eager to offer our endorsement of Ad-ID as we continue seeking ways to leverage our operational maturity by partnering with industry innovators.
We are pleased to have Theorem supporting us in the adoption of Ad-ID," said Harold Geller, managing director of Ad-ID LLC.
Each Ad-ID stores critical metadata related to an advertising asset.
It is certainly compelling to witness Ad-ID being embraced by market leaders, such as Mediaplex, to enable agencies and advertisers to reap the full benefit of this ground-breaking eBusiness technology.
Our vision is to extend eMakegood to all industry providers via accepted and open XML standards and to reduce barriers to the adoption of the Ad-ID standard.
Ad-ID is a great step in this direction and we welcome the participation of these leading industry organizations.
Ad-ID will provide significant forward momentum by presenting zero defect advertising tracking and identification in the emerging addressable television formats.