Ad7Adenovirus Type 7
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This increase was predominantly related to Ad7 infections, which were first detected in November 2012 and represented 48.
Ad7 was more frequently identified among patients who had invasive infection (57.
We used the maximum-likelihood method to compare the phylogenetic relationships among representative Ad7 partial hexon gene sequences from pediatric inpatients (n = 9, November 2012-June 2013); the nationwide ILI laboratory surveillance network (n = 1 adult sample, January-June 2013); and military personnel (n = 34, September 2012May 2013) by using reference Ad7 sequences (GenBank accession nos.
Different Ad7 genome types have predominated in different areas during the last 3 decades (5-8,10,11).
This study was undertaken to determine genetic differences and to understand the molecular basis of regional shifts observed in the genome types of Ad7 isolated in Korea.
Twelve of the 98 Ad7 isolates obtained from Korean children with pneumonia from 1995 to 2000 were subjected to genetic analysis.
In 2002, data suggest that Ad7d2 supplanted all other Ad7 genome types (9 of 9 Ad7 isolates were A7d2) (Figure).
Department of Defense recently contracted to again produce Ad4 and Ad7 vaccines for military trainees.
Failure to identify this variant in past studies or among recent Ad7s isolates circulating in the New York community suggests that it arose recently and supports the hypothesis that this outbreak resulted from nosocomial spread of the virus within the chronic care unit.
Although Ad7 infections typically result in mild upper respiratory tract illnesses and conjunctivitis, infections can also lead to more serious lower respiratory tract illnesses, disseminated disease, and death, particularly in infants and persons with underlying immunologic or respiratory compromise (3-7).
Ad7 accounts for nearly 20% of all Ads reported to the World Health Organization (11), and family clusters and institutional and communitywide outbreaks of Ad7 disease have been extensively documented (5,12-18).
p" for the Ad7 prototype strain, Gomen; and then "a" through "k.