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When used in conjunction with the GNAT Pro development environment, AWS enables developers to embed an Ada-based web server within any application, accessible through web browsers.
International Aid received four truckloads of cereals, soy nuts and toaster pastries from Amway, less than two weeks after the Ada-based company's initial contribution of cleaning products valued at $1.
Tokeneer is a research project funded by the NSA that used the Praxis Correctness by Construction methodology and the Ada-based SPARK language to build a high security application.
Ada-based Amway Corporation is one of the world's largest network marketing companies.
Praxis, the developer of the Ada-based SPARK language and its supporting toolset, has expertise and intensive experience in both the safety-critical and high-security arenas.
Smith said the growth in fourth quarter defense and aerospace business was due in large part to business involving selling licenses to Ada-based development tools.