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ADJAAmerican Disc Jockey Association
ADJAAntwerp Diamond Jewellers Association
ADJAAmerican Dog Judges Association
ADJAAtlanta Disk Jockey Academy
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The 5,000-pound capacity counter-balance AGVs are outfitted with a single/double fork attachment that allows each to carry one or two adja cent pallets.
a:g/ <gy> + <z> = /ddz/ jegyzo /'jed dz0:/ <d> and <gy> + <j> = /ddj/ adja /'ad dja/ <t> and <ty> + <j> = /ttj/ batyja /'ba t tja/ <n> and <ny> + <j> = /nnj/ anyja /'an nja/ <l> and <ly> + <j> = /jj/ folyjon /'foj jon/
DURAO, Adja Balbino de Amorim Barbieri y Blanco Somolinos, Yolanda.
pinicola, where isolates of two adja cent logs were compatible--a finding, that was not observed for A.
With left-sided nerve stimulation most breakthroughs were in the Bachmann's bundle region (2/3 of episodes) while the others appeared adja centto the pulmonary venous ostia or on the ventral left atrial wall.
Lawrence Adja, AIA, WAAI; Betty Vera, Betty Vera Studios; Comelia Adjah; Luca Valentino, past president, General Society.
Ms Adja Cosic, communication unit manager at ITA, said it was also the agency's responsibility to "follow" movements of money through the borders.
Alloune Sotigui Kouyate Ida Sharon Hope Karim Roschdy Zem Hassan Karim Koussein Traore Amaralis Adetoro Makinde Biram Adja Diarra Eileen Malaaika Lacario
The north-south striking belts of tilted Marmaton strata (and perhaps some underlying Cherokee Group strata) beneath and adja cent to the sandstone body make up at least several hundred feet of stratigraphic thickness.
Bryant will tackle Sengal's Adja Diop in her opening match, buoyed by a world bronze and European gold.
When my fiancee Adja Sene, who is a nursery school teacher in Paris, comes over, she watches the crowd.
Kirbalyn Pagan 2 0 5, Adja Shakor 0 0 0, Amanda Pelosi 2 0 4, Brittany Feliciano 2 0 4, Jessica Arruda 0 0 0, Ariana Page 0 0 0, Aly Murphy 0 0 0, Victoria Alexander 0 0 0, Ariella Zwicker 0 0 0, Kaylene Gonzalez 0 0 0.